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"Engineering Solutions for Manufacturers"
All About Us
Kevin Weber- Owner
Kevin has over 22 years in the Food Industry. Most recently as CEO for Cereform
USA, a division of Associated British Foods. Prior to that he was with American
Maize and Cerestar. Other than equipment, Kevin is interested in being out in the
mountains on foot, bike or skis.
Contact Kevin at: 303-941-1223
Nikki Sisneros- Office Manager
Nikki began her role as office administrator with Right Stuff Equipment in March
of 2007.  Prior to Right Stuff, Nikki worked for Cereform USA for twenty years;
most recently as general ledger accountant and payroll administrator.  Nikki
enjoys gardening and landscaping in her spare time.
Contact Nikki at: 303-327-4705
Michelle Torres-Sales & Marketing
Michelle spends a lot of time making sales calls or marketing for Right Stuff
Equipment.  Michelle enjoys training or competing in biking or running, as well as
being in the mountains. She recently competed in the 2011 & 2013 Leadman
Series in Leadville, CO and is now an official 3 time Leadwoman!
Contact Michelle at: 720-839-1253
Tim Bellio- Dr. Pharm Product Manager
Tim is the product manager for The RSE/Dr. Pharm brand of capsule filling and
tablet press equipment. He has about 25 years of experience in the ingredient
business. He enjoys cycling and the great outdoors. You will often see him cycling
to and from work!
Contact Tim at: 303-947-1780
Alexandra Burdette-Parts & Consumables Sales
Alex holds a bachelors degree in Communications from the University of Colorado
Denver and has over six years of administration experience.  In her spare time she
enjoys hiking, pilates and photography.  On the weekends you can find her cheering
on her teenage nephews on the sidelines of the laccrosse field.
Contact Alex at 303-327-4704
Engineering & Fabrication Staff
Matt Barnes - Engineering Manager
Mechanical Engineer
Matt received his mechanical engineering degree from the
Colorado School of Mines in 2009. Matt worked as an
intern for three summers, before joining us full time.  He
designs and fabricates for projects, in addition to providing
electrical, mechanical, and machining support.
Contact Matt at 307-214-1413
Bryan Wisdom - Mechanical Engineer
“Bryan graduated from the Colorado School of Mines in
2013 with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. Prior to
joining RSE, Bryan has worked summers in fabrication
for a carnival amusement ride manufacturer. In his
spare time, Bryan enjoys playing ice hockey.
Erik Schaefer - Mechanical Engineer
Erik graduated Colorado School of Mines in 2012
and received mechanical engineering degree.
Previously Erik worked in the chemical packaging
industry. Interests are skiing, hiking and going to
Brent Payne- Mechanical Engineer
Brent received a Mechanical Engineering degree
from Colorado School of Mines in 2012.  During his
college career he competed in intercollegiate
baseball.   Other interests include cars, golf and
David Hirsch-Mechanical Engineer
David is a welcome addition to the Right Stuff Team!
David graduated from Colorado School of Mines in 2014,
and received a degree in mechanical engineering with a
focus on manufacturing processes.  Prior to joining RSE,
David has worked doing solid modeling and machining.
David enjoys doing model kits, and spending time in the
great outdoors of Colorado!
Brenden Burg- Mechanical Engineer

Brenden is a new addition to the team! Great guy!
Bio to come soon.

Steve Emerson-Mechanical Engineer

Steve is a new addition to the team! Great guy!
Bio to come soon.

Fransisco Vasqeuz- Mechanical Engineer

Frankie is a new addition to the team! Great guy!
Bio to come soon.

Jacob Perrotto-Shop Manager
Fabricator & Water Jet Operator
Jacob came to Right Stuff from Florida.  He holds an
Associates of Applied Sciences in  Welding, a small
business certificate and is a commercial diver. Jacob is
our lead fabricator. In his spare time he enjoys  four
Dennis Page - Fabrication
Senior Service Technician
Dennis is a welcomed asset to the Right Stuff team! Machinist,
Assembler, and Team Lead with over 20 years of experience
working within fast-paced manufacturing environments, with
an emphasis on effective design, solid construction, efficient
operations, and superior service to internal and external
customers.  Dennis enjoys skiing and motorcycle riding!
Holly Wedel-Welder
Holly has been a welder for 13 years. She learned how
to weld from my Step Father. Here favorite thing to
weld is aluminum simply because it's really fun
watching the aluminum melt and getting the puddle to,
flow smoothly.  She also love heavy metal music, dirt
bikes, and animals.
Kyle Sexton- Fabrication

Kyle is a new addition to the team! Great guy!
Bio and Photo to come soon.
John Ewing- AER Satelitte Fabrication

John is a new addition to the team! Great guy!
Bio to come soon.
Avi Wittlen- Shop Hand

Avi is a new addition to the team! Great guy!
Bio and Photo to come soon.
Muttnick & Buddy -Best Friends
Productivity Killers